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{Students in Singapore, who purchase a copy of this book from dMaster Learning Centre, will enjoy a month of free coaching for Math Excellence by Mr. Raymond. Places are limited and are available on a first-come-first-served basis}

{Students, who purchase this eBook from Kindle, may wish to receive a month of free coaching for Math Excellence (4 lessons worth $600) by Mr. Raymond. Please contact him at raymondkesavan@hotmail.com. Places are limited and are available on a first-come-first-served basis}

This is an exciting book for all those who want to know more about achieving excellence in Mathematics. Students of all grades are the main beneficiaries of this Book. It will also benefit parents, educators and tutors who want to be instrumental in helping children achieve success in education, especially in mathematics.

It will provide the answers to those who wonder why Singapore students always emerge top in Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) done every two years.

Among many interesting revelations, the book features Singapore Mathematics, Vedic Mathematics and the Chinese Remainder Theorem.

There is something special about this book. Within the book, there is another book for Primary school children to read. It is encapsulated in Chapter 20. It is about an adventure in Thailand and was written to help raise funds for students in need of financial assistance. It is contributed by Sarah Jane Kesavan, the granddaughter of Raymond.  Coincidentally, both grandpa and granddaughter were born in the year of the rat.

There are many secret revelations that Secondary school students can benefit from. There are many instant and quick-fire formulas to help students solve problems expeditiously. It includes an instant formula for solving number patterns in quadratic sequence.

There is also a new method, developed during the Covid-19 lockdown, to help recall the many digits of π. It is called the Julie Pattern Generation Method.

There are many pieces of advice and anecdotes to help motivate students and help develop their memory power and mastery of mathematics.

Another exciting feature is the intertwining of music and songs with mathematics throughout the book.

The year of the rat saw the arrival of COVID-19, but it gave rise to this book. It is our fervent hope that this book will brighten the days ahead, so that everyone can look forward to a better future.


1. THE COVER STORY – Featuring Three Rats


3. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT – Thank You To All Contributors And Supporters

4. FOREWORD – A Noble Act Of Sharing

5. POWER OF MOTIVATION – Anecdotes And 10 Affirmations For Motivation

6. POWER OF MEMORY – Anecdotes And 10 Methods For Memory Enhancement

7. POWER OF MATH MASTERY – Anecdotes And 10 P’s For Perfection In Mathematics

8. ABC IN MATHEMATICS – Always Be Creative

9. HARMONICS – Where Mathematics And Music Meets

10. WHAT ARE FRIENDS FOR – Friendly Trigonometric Identities

11. SINGAPORE MATHEMATICS – A Contribution To The World

12. VEDIC MATHEMATICS – Sixteen Superb Sutras Of The Vedas

13. CHINESE MATHEMATICS – A Blast From The Past

14. REMAINDERS AND THEIR SUMS   – The Calendar Story

15. RAYMOND: A TRUE STORY – The Man Who Loves Roots And Rats


17. RAYMOND AND THE STUDENTS – Students Galore And Glory

18. RAYMOND ADVISES THE STUDENTS   – You’ll Never Walk Alone

19. RAYMOND AND THE STARS – Star Performers And Celebrities

20. REMARKABLE AND TALENTED SARAH – An Educational Story For Charity

21. RELEVANT AND THRILLING SOURCES – A Salute To Internet And Social Media


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